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Sailor - Red Sea RETURNS!!
Introducing the biggest update up to date...
Christmas x Red Sea Anniversary celebrations combine into one massive release!

-NEW Dungeon of the Phantom Pits.

-NEW Fellow Pet Stones.

-NEW Chamber of Vicious Shadows Dungeon.
-Release of all kinds of Advanced Elixirs.
-NEW Pet Inventory Expansion.
-NEW Job Levels System reaching up to level 20 with reworked balanced experience requirements (each level unlocks a new reward, some rewards are free to acquire with gold and some will require Sailor Pass in order to be acquired).
-NEW Christmas x Anniversary Sailor Pass (best and most complete yet).
-NEW Christmas Event.
-Christmas Decorations & Music in all towns.
-NEW Player changes focused on helping them catch up.
-NEW Daily Events hosted by our team.
This update is expected to completely refresh the adventure on the Red Sea. Why do we believe this?
1. NEW Grinding (coin farming motives) goals - Rare Advanced Elixir B type.
2. NEW Items on the market - Normal Advanced Elixirs, Rare Advanced Elixirs A type & Fellow Pet Stones.
3. NEW PvE & PvP Adventures - Chamber of Vicious Shadows Dungeon & Dungeon of the Phantom Pits.
4. Increased inflow of new players with many changes making it easier for them to compete with older players.
5. Daily Sailor Crew <> Server Community interaction with manually hosted game events.
6. Best possible Christmas & Red Sea 1st year anniversary environment - Themed Sailor Pass, town decorations & related events.
Coming in December!
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Job Rewards (19/10) 13.10.2021

Greetings Sailors of the Red Sea,

It is important for you to know that on the update which will take place upcoming Tuesday 19th of October the following job rewards will be added:

1. 9x Weeks of Thieves Contribution - Gold. 

2. 9x Weeks of Top Jobbers Contribution - Silver & Gold Coins.

Fight for the top, those are by far the biggest rewards we've ever added!

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Refuelling Stop - Suez (19/10) 11.10.2021

Greetings Sailors of the Red Sea,
The time has finally come, we SET SAIL!
Our first destination is the port of Suez (19/10) where we will be introducing the following:
1. NEW Fellow Pet Stones.
Those new stones will give a great boost to all Fellow Pet items. The main way to get them will of course be Dungeon of Phantom Pits.
2. Dungeon of the Phantom Pits.
This dungeon will bring a new daily guild format PvP action event to the server. Rules inside will be similar to the Fortress War, guilds & unions will fight to conquer the area and get the unique drops!
We are also working on introducing a PvE format for this dungeon. However, it is still uncertain if it will be introduced on this update.
3. Pet Inventory Expansion.
As you already know we've successfully created a new pet inventory expansion item that will expand your pet's inventory to 5 pages!
Of course, other fixes and general changes will also be applied.
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