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Red Sea has set Sail! 02.12.2020

Welcome to the ship! A new adventure has started and you are more than welcome to join us!
We would like to thank you for your support on our journey to endless awesomeness!

If you would like help or more information, please join our Discord!
We also would like to ask you for your patience with certain donation options and functionality on our website, we want to make sure the Registration load and account authentication proces is as smooth as possible!

On this note, please register your account here
Do note that a valid email is required, you need to verify it in order to play our game! Make sure you remember your passwords!

Welcome to Red Sea!
The Red Sea Staff!

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Selket & Neith
Anubis & Isis
Haroeris & Seth
Three Moons Event
Survival Arena Party
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Styria Clash
Battle Arena Random
Battle Arena Party
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Battle Arena Job War
The Sailor

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    Hotan Gladiators
The Red Sea

Vargrym Warlock/Warrior
  • Lv. 110
  • Part of Gladiators
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