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Website Update April 20th 21.04.2021

Hello Sailors,

A website update was applied to enhance further browsing experience.

The following patches were applied:

  • Added back the unique overview page, you can click the link under unique tracker.
  • Enhanced slow loading for guilds
  • Split several menu items to create readability
  • Several UI/UX fixes were applied
  • Several preparations have been made in order to support Character Profiles and Guild Profiles

We will continue to keep our website up to date for you to enjoy!

Thank you for the support!
The Sailor Team!

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Scheduled Server Maintenance will take place Tuesday 20.04 18.04.2021

Greetings Sailors, Scheduled server maintenance will take place Tuesday 20.04 at 10:00 PM GMT+2 to apply the following changes:

1. Introduce Egyptian B type items & Awaken stones.

2. Introduce NEW Season 5 Sailor Pass (the most complete yet).

3. Introduce brand NEW EU<>CH race change scrolls for both characters and items. 4. General improvement and fixes. The server downtime will be 3 to 6 hours.

REMINDER: 2x Weekly job contribution rewards will be awarded on this maintenance based on the ladders the server goes down with, so fight for the top! Please have enough free inventory slots during the maintenance if you wish to receive those contribution rewards!

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The Sailor

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The Red Sea

Oden Warrior/Warlock
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  • Part of Gladiators
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