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Website Update May 13th 13.05.2021

Hello Sailors,

First of all, Eid Mubarak!

In today's website update we applied several changes to make your experience better.
We think it is important to connect our players to as much information as possible with a clear user interface and experience thus the following chnages were applied.

  • Our eventtimers were moved to their own page with a more visual appealing look > (images being processed)
  • The homepage now contains 3 banners to the timer overview, current Sailor Pass information and the latest news you might have missed.
  • A Sailor Pass information page was added with information about the current Sailor Pass.
  • News overview got a little makeover to show all items instead of just the old items.
  • Slider was removed at the bottom of the website with the timers
  • Little tweaks were made to the ingame fortress window
  • Several retina issues were solved

We continue to expand and add functionality.
The next update should be more exciting, it will include the Character information page and Guild information page!

Stay tuned, Stay safe, stay healthy! We Sail!


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Website Update April 20th 21.04.2021

Hello Sailors,

A website update was applied to enhance further browsing experience.

The following patches were applied:

  • Added back the unique overview page, you can click the link under unique tracker.
  • Enhanced slow loading for guilds
  • Split several menu items to create readability
  • Several UI/UX fixes were applied
  • Several preparations have been made in order to support Character Profiles and Guild Profiles

We will continue to keep our website up to date for you to enjoy!

Thank you for the support!
The Sailor Team!

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Discord Giveaway - Sailor Pass 19.12.2020

The first season has started, to celebrate we are giving away sailor passes to our community. Become a real pirate!

How to participate?

1. Join our Discord! 

2. React on the last photo shared at the #giveaways channel

1. 3x Sailor Pass Subscriptions.
3. 2x 10$ Monthly Discord Nitro Subscriptions.

Winners will be announced Saturday 26.12

Discord accounts created less than a week ago are not eligible to win this giveaway.

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